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Selasa, 09 Februari 2021

I Wish The World Would Restart in 2019 - Then it Happens ! Do i have Psychic Power ?

In a broken and limited english of mine, i will try to write on how i become a 'psychic' by predicting there will be a restart of all earth last year. Or maybe not ? Maybe i was only being overwhelmed by the fear of falling into a deep crisis, doubt and anxiety , triggered by Indonesian business style and the bureaucracy with it's toxic hanky panky corruption. But it is a common secret among business in this archipelago, even my closest friend whom i knew since teenager ,which he was a honest student, has now become a grown man as greedy as others.

I hate it so much to see someone cheating on exams day, the root of it can be seen when i was in 3rd grade, when my math exams got 98 out of 100 marks, while my friend who then became 1st rank on that semester, got perfect 100. He cheat on me by saying " hey this math exam is difficult, will you share me the answer of question number 10 ?" And as i felt all the math exams was not that hard then i gave him the answer, and as i remember it was a disappointment for me. I turned into the enemy of the class by becoming an asshole that will raise hand and speak loudly " Miss Teacher ! Someone is cheating !"

As an electronics designer i love to make things working in perfectly order by simply writing the best code i could. Reset it when it is going to be hang and re-write the code. The nature of it imprint on my deepest consciousness as i always has a tendency to see the reset button in everything. Moreover when i was so incepted by Nolan's movie Inception, I wish i could awake form dreaming by throwing my self into a river. No that is suicidal and i am not that brave to do such thing but somehow it was creating a self believe that there is a shortcut exit button like CTRL+ALT+DEL. And the truth was in 2019 i had a strange wish that the world ( or my world) should restart and re-write the code.

And what a surprise ! it all come true in 2020 ? Did i just became a psychic ? I can predict things now and the world has pushed it own button. Or it just because there are so many others just wishing as i did last year ? Who knows and so do i in 2020 stranded in uncertainty of the world's covid 19 pandemic. But one thing for sure that now i can start re-write the code of my life! Yeeeeeaaaaahhh !

And one thing for sure that in the time of crisis the best way to react is doing no resistance, acceptance and defenselessness. All of it called as "The Law of Least Effort" . Wish me luck friends !


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